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A robust offline internet to reach the 4 billion people excluded from the digital revolution

Our solution offers digital content that is fast, free and focused to any device, even FM radios.
It even works where there is no electricity.

iPad Curated information empowering tablets for medical applications.
SmartphoneFocused local content and services on any smartphone.
Farmer's feature phone Agri-content even on old feature phones.
FM Radio Listen to web content on FM Radio.
Student's feature phone Delivering great educational material FREE.
Laptop computer Faster than 4G for all applications including business.

Our vision is to improve the lives of 20 million people in 20,000 communities by 2020

Our Work

We are passionate about enabling access to life changing digital content for all, no matter where people live or what device they own.

5 deployments of BluPoint

To date, we have deployed in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Ethiopia, Uganda and India.

Solving specific issues such as:

  • extending reach and quality in education
  • providing life changing infrastructure
  • supporting commercial activity

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University of Southampton


Africa Technology Business Network

Dixons Carphone
MRP Foundation

Benefits of BluPoint

BluPoint brings the digital world into non-digital environments enabling the delivery of quality content and services to those unable to access the Internet due to cost, coverage or device capability. Using any mobile device they already own, we reach inaccessible markets.


We deliver content to smart, feature and basic mobile phones and computers, enabling us to reach a vast population without the Internet. With local hubs able to service local communities, or networked to cover larger areas and communities, our reach is huge.


We provide a multimedia experience of curated quality material combining customer content and a library of trusted education and healthcare resources, at speed from a secure "walled garden" of information, which can be remotely updated.

Cost Effective

BluPoint is free for people to access, rapidly deployable, scalable and uses the technology that customers, employees, teachers, learners, health-worker, schools or other organisations already own, thereby leveraging existing investment in technology.

The BluPoint Platform

At its heart is the BluPoint Hub, connected to the BluPoint Cloud. Delivering smart content updates and communication. Anywhere.

BluPoint Hub features

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Free access for all

We provide pop-up web solutions. Giving everyone access to vital information and services.

  • Low energy. Deploy anywhere.
  • Multimedia Webpages.
  • Any device. Even basic phones.
  • Free at the point of use.
  • Access information faster than 4G.

Trusted content at 4G+ speeds by any device with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or FM radio..



I'm 64, I hate technology, but what you have shown us today has got me excited. This technology WILL make a massive difference. I know that.
School Teacher ~ Durban School Teacher